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Wolverhampton Country Night - June 29th 2019

Photos credited to Ian Morrall

It is always a pleasure to attend the Wolverhampton Country Night. We consider ourselves lucky that this monthly event is local to us, although it wasn't local on Saturday night.

We were in the Lake District so travelled the 3 hours to get to the venue and we were very glad we did.

Opening the evening was the lovely Roisin O'Hagan who had travelled up from Essex. I have known about her for about a year and have heard good things about her but this was the first time I had seen her perform live. She didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed her original songs. She performed a great set.

The next performer of the evening was an old favourite. Andrew Jones as some will remember used to front bands Acoustic Journey and Journey Home. Tonight he was solo. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and singing along to his familiar songs as well as hearing a couple of new ones. It is great to have him back and involved again with the British country music scene.

Closing the show tonight were a couple of firm favourites. Jade Helliwell and her guitarist Luke Thomas always put on a good show. Jade has an impressive vocal range as some of you may know and her songs really showcase that range to perfection.

All in all another great night in Wolverhampton. In September 'The Wolverhampton Country Night' will be changing venues. It is moving up the road to Bilston. I will keep you informed.

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