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Review: Biddy Ronelle - Raising Hell

Biddy Ronelle is a UK Country Rock Singer Songwriter who has recently released her brand new single 'Raising Hell' which reached number 5 in the iTunes Country Charts.

The song begins with a very edgy rock-orientated guitar riff and drum/clap beat before Biddy enters with her strong and powerful vocal. Biddy has the great ability to fire across feeling and attitude to accompany the lyrical content of the song - not something that everyone can pull off.

I have interpreted this song to address the difficult topic of growing up with separated parents. This resulted in those affected becoming very 'fast and nasty', having to be tough to get by following their troubled up-bringing - mental scars are apparent. The lyrical content really had me thinking about how influenced young people are by the actions of their parents and the older generation. It is so vitally important that we provide a loving environment to those around us.

Whether this song was based on real-life experience or not, I love that this song addresses something that isn't necessarily picked up on. Country music is all about the lyrical content and story-telling aspect and it doesn't always have to be about a love story and a happy ending.

Overall, a great track by Biddy!!

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