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Review: 'College Days' by Eric Walker

Eric Walker is an award-winning contemporary-country musician, originally from Huntingdon, living in Hampshire. Eric released his debut EP 'Canyons & Highways', the title track of which was nominated for Sound Radio's 'Best Homegrown track' award and has just released his brand new single 'College Days'.

The song begins with simple piano and the delicate and soft tones of Eric's vocals. It is apparent from the off that Eric is a very talented artist.

The song seems to be one of reminiscing about the past - 'my mind drifts back to college days'. It's about wondering where the past has gone.. things that have come to be and those that have changed over time. The songwriting of the verses and choruses flows particularly well and tells a story that one can see as Eric sings.

The second chorus is followed by a guitar solo before Eric comes in with a middle 8. It should be mentioned that the production here is very good... I don't think production is always seen as too important however, for me it is just as important as the lyrical content and instrumentation. It complements the song incredibly well.

Eric Walker is definitely an artist I'll be keeping an eye out for as he releases more music and progresses in his career.


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