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'Outlaw' - A New Single by Phoenix Morby

If you have listened to Phoenix Morby's music before and you think you have an idea of what this single may sound like then think again. It is so far removed from anything Phoenix has written and recorded before. He is in a different place musically which has taken him in a completely different direction.

It starts slowly with a lone haunting guitar riff. The instrumentation is definitely at the forefront of 'Outlaw' the vocals taking a slight backseat. This arrangement compliments the style of song perfectly and Phoenix's voice has a gritty edge.

'Outlaw' is about an outlaw living out on his own and moving around the country so he doesn't get caught by the law who are chasing him.

'Outlaw' appeals to my liking for something that bit different. Believe it or not I am a huge Pink Floyd fan so this 'Prog rock' meets country music song I find really intriguing. If you have a sense of adventure musically you will definitely want to give this song a listen.

This single will be released on July 10th and will be available on all digital platforms.

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