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Review of Local Man's Star video by Kezia Gill

The first time I heard Kezia Gill sing Local Man's Star was at a songwriters night at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Birmingham. Singing to a packed room the audience were totally silent. You could have heard a pin drop. So you will understand why I couldn't wait to see the video and I am so glad that Kezia sent it to me.

The first time I watched it I could feel the tears pricking the back of my eyes. It is an emotional video from start to finish. The song alone conjures a vision in my head of a club, with a stage and a singer with a guitar and then when you actually see that the video is exactly the vision that I had, even down to the dark mahogany wood in the bar and the colours in the carpet then it really hits you.

On the odd occasion when my parents took us to a club on a Sunday night so we could practice our ballroom dancing, I used to beg my dad to go and ask the singer or band if I could sing a song. Sometimes I would sing one with my sister and sometimes on my own but this video brings back those memories vividly.

It is a very special relationship between father and daughter. You could see that Kezia's father encouraged and nurtured his daughters love of singing when he invited her up on the stage during his set to sing a song, and that she feels that he inspired her musical aspirations and that she feels she wouldn't be where she is today without his influence.

The second half of the video sees Kezia singing in the club and proudly calling her father up to sing a song. This is where the emotion nearly gets the better of me.

'Local Man's star' is an emotional rollercoaster of a song and video. Kezia's stunning, very distinguishable vocal makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time I hear it.

Due to be premiered on Sunday 16th June. Father's Day.

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Photo's credited to Ian Morrall

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