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Review of 'Define Me' by Kelsey Bovey

Kelsey Bovey has been dreaming of summer and new music. Well she won't have to wait too much longer.

Recorded and produced at Puzzlemaker Studio 'Define Me' is a country pop song all about peer pressure and bullying and how the things that happen to you at a young tender age are the things that define the person you turn out to be. They also make you strong enough to eventually be able to stand up to those peers and tell them that they can't hurt you anymore.

With it's catchy tune and uptempo beat 'Define Me' gets you tapping your feet from the word go. Kelsey has a voice that I definitely want to hear more of.

Kelsey Bovey's debut single 'Define Me' is due to be released on July 5th and will be available on all digital platforms so pre-order your copy now.

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