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Review: 'Spent Matches' by Broken Flowers

The Broken Flowers have become a country band in the UK scene that I have recently started following since they contacted me a few weeks ago about another song of theirs and since then, I have been keeping an eye out for new music. Not only is this band so supportive of other UK country artists, they are exceptionally kind-hearted individuals.

Their new song 'Spent Matches' begins with a bass riff and lone drum beat, building a suspense before the vocals are introduced. I can already tell that this song would be amazing to hear live! Throughout the song, the instrumentation is practically flawless - a country-influenced take on 'Sweet Disposition' by The Temper Trap. The wonderful thing about both songs that I have reviewed by Broken Flowers, is the passion that comes across in Anna's vocals. You feel every word that is being sung & can sink into the story being portrayed.

The chorus is very catchy and after only a few listens, I definitely already know the lyrics. I would definitely recommend giving this song a listen!

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