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Coyote Creed - 'Can't Get Enough' Album

Describing themselves as a country rock band and hailing from South Wales their single

'Everglow' was released last autumn and is the opening track on their album 'Can't Get Enough'. It effortlessly combines country elements with metal guitar riffs. If there was such a thing as country metal then this is it.

With a completely different sound to that of the first song 'Falling Down' and 'Satin & Lace' take me back to my teenage years and the rise of punk rock although this is more mellow.

'Might've Been' is the most country sounding of all the songs with the introduction of a mouth organ. It puts me in mind of a cattle drive across the prairie and how the cowboys would entertain themselves at night with a bit of a singsong round the campfire accompanying themselves on the mouth organ and maybe a guitar.

You can really hear the huskiness in Dave Mac's voice on 'Someone To Believe In' and

'Sick, Sober & Sorry' has a real rock 'n' roll guitar solo and it gets your foot tapping along. I also really like the high energy mouth organ instrumental.

I can hear the early 60's influences in 'Little Of You' and 'Nasty' definitely has 70's glam rock by the bucketful.

For some reason I have a picture of Elvis Costello in my mind when I am hearing the song 'Wrong Side Up' and 'Can't Get Enough' is rock through and through.

'Hometown' starts off nice and gently with acoustic guitar then the 2nd half of the song turns into a totally rocking guitar solo. This is the song that made me sit up and take notice most when hearing it for the first time and is my favourite on the album.

Dave Mac's vocal on 'Neon Lights & Falling Rain' puts me in mind of David Bowie. I really like the arrangement of this song and it is my second favourite song on the album. It's the sort of song that helps you wind down and relax. If you listen to the end it sounds as if it is a vinyl disc turning on the turntable with the needle rotating round the middle of the record. A nice traditional way to end an album that stretches boundaries.

I am inclined to say that this is a multi genre album. Something to suit all tastes. It takes you on a bit of a journey through the decades taking influences across a variety of music styles.

"Can't Get Enough" was released on 1st June and is available to download on all digital platforms.

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