Review: Double release by Paul Armer & The Long Way Down

Paul Armer & The Long Way Down are a Country/Americana band from Saltash, Cornwall who write honest, heartfelt songs to connect with a listening audience. This double single release signifies the beginning of their musical journey.

The first track 'Something that will never be mine' begins with a lovely instrumental of acoustic and pedal steel guitars accompanied by a soft drum beat. I really love the lyrical content in this song. It really makes you reflect on what is important in live. One particular line that stood out for me was 'no-one is as precious as your mother, you're always on her mind'. Overall, the simplistic, yet elegant instrumentation accompanied by thoughtful lyrics makes for a wonderful song.

'Breathe Me In' begins with a lovely traditional country riff with prominent pedal steel guitar and a catchy drum beat. I really like the way that this song is arranged. It combines traditional american country music but stays true to English roots especially in the chorus which lifts to give the song an extra dimension.

In both of these songs, I love that Paul doesn't over complicate the lyrics. They are relatable.

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