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EP Review: Taynee Lord & The Crookes - If Only

Taynee Lord & The Crookes are a country band from Bristol, UK who I actually had the pleasure of meeting last week at her debut EP Launch for this record 'If Only' so to be reviewing the EP is a pleasure.

The first track 'Claim Me' provides an explosive start to the EP with a rocky electric guitar accompanied by Taynee's sassy vocals. I interpret the song to talk of someone who feels that they own and have a hold on you but actually, being able to take a stand and see 'the future and it was bright'.

The tempo is bought down for the next track 'I Know' & challenges Taynee's vocals to take a sensitive approach when recording. The instrumentation is delicate and simplistic which is just what this track needs.

'Like the Midnight' encompasses a very intriguing guitar line and drum beat which is really pleasing to listen to. Something unique which isn't often seen in country music. It is a very modern take on western country style beat. At the end of the track, Taynee showcases her range before ending the song with her smooth vocals, A Capella.

'Dress Code' is the single off the EP and sounds like it takes influence from Vance Joy 'Riptide' with an additional country twist. The great thing about this song in particular is that Taynee uses the beautiful high tones in her voice whilst allowing the instrumentation to drive the song. I think that this song showcases some of the potential that Taynee could achieve in the future.

The EP finishes on an upbeat number, 'Blue Jeans'. It combines modern country elements with a 90's twist - almost Lene Marlin-esque. Overall, it is clear that Taynee Lord & the Crookes are creating their own unique sound that I think will only get better & better as they grow together as a band.

Find out more about Taynee Lord & the Crookes:

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Taynee Lord

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