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Elliott Joseph - Interview & Video

We had the pleasure of catching Elliott Joseph and his band at Country On The Coast Festival in April and he agreed to do an interview for us. Here is what he had to say.....

Q - How long have you been writing and performing country music?

A - Myself and country music, have had a special relationship over the last few years. It all started back in 2013, I used to work out in the states every summer, during this time, the people, the memories and the place connected to the music that was playing most. That was country. Add that to the fact that I already loved rock and folk music, well, I quickly adopted it as a path I wanted to follow more closely in terms of my writing. So round about 5/6 years now!

Q - If you could invite the people who have influenced you in your music career to a dinner party, who would you invite?

A - The names on the list would go on for ever if this dinner party lasted a lifetime But, I've got to say, these guys have influenced me in ways I can't describe. Here goes…

Bruce 'The Boss’ Springsteen

Bear Rhinehart from NeedToBreathe

Foy Vance

Jon Foreman from Switchfoot

Dave Matthew’s

Jimmy Webb

Elvis Presley

And I've got to say, my dad and my two brothers, Aaron & Rio.

Q - If you were to take one well known song and put your own country twist on it, which song would you choose?

A - Throw me a Foy Vance Number, I'll have a great crack at it!

Q - If you had the chance of performing anywhere in the world, Where would your dream venue be?

A - Right now… In my mind it's gotta be somewhere like Union Chapel, London. Shepherds Bush Empire, somewhere not too big, but not too small. It's gotta be beautiful! And then once I've played those, well, who knows!

Q - What excites you about the British country scene?

A - The movement in genuine, honest, great writing that is coming up everywhere. It's always amazing to know the life of a simple, but powerful song lives on amongst everything that is going on the world.

Q - The British country music scene is growing fast. Each artist having their own take on what country music is to them. How do feel that our music stands up against the music coming out of America at the moment?

A - I feel it stands up with its originality. The idea of Country music growing here is fantastic. But it's done best when it has our own English/Irish/Scottish twist to it. The rock, soul and feeling of Country is amazing, and being able to own it here just as well as our American allies, is brilliant, and I think all the artists that are giving their heritage and identity to it, are the ones who are hitting the sweet spot!

Q - Where do you see British country music in 5 years time?

A - Hopefully a lot bigger, with a wealth of great artists from our home soil being known for writing great music. More festivals would be brilliant, and hopefully a lot more artists being recognised for there great talent.

Q - Do you think you will be more accepted in 5 years, when you say you are a British country music artist?

A - I think so yeah. Although it's up to us to take this amazing genre, and give life to it in our own way. There’s only so far you can go with copying the sound and style from the states. But taking that inspiration and giving life to our own community of music that we create will hopefully be the key! All so that the audience here can delve further into the style with us at the forefront!

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or my Website…

Instagram - @elliottjosephmusic -

Facebook -

Website -

Photos credited to Ian Morrall

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