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Album Review: Alf Hale - The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season album by Alf Hale begins with 'My Lovers Arms'. A very mysterious & dark track that talks about the struggles of a man, feeling warn and tired however, with no regrets, begins the journey home to the ones that loves him. By this song alone, it is evident that Alf is very good at what he does.

'Misanthrope' starts with a funky guitar riff that is present throughout the song. The term misanthrope is one of meaning to dislike and avoid - the song speaks of someone 'incapable of loving many things...lonely'. A very thought provoking track.

Next up, the title track 'The Rainy Season'. A beautiful melody accompanied by Alf's gut-wrenching vocals. I found myself playing this song about 4 times on repeat, just enjoying the song for what it is. I recommend you listen to this song.

'Sacred' is a more up-tempo track. Alf showcases his strong vocals in a lower range compared to other songs & you can feel Alf's strong belief in the message that he is sharing throughout. I feel this song speaks of alienation in life and about what once use to be is now a distant memory. 'Naive', another rocky, up-tempo track with lots of big driving guitar lines and strong vocals.

'The Loneliness of Being with Someone' brings the tempo of the Album down to a place of reflection and time for thought. The instrumentation is so wonderful - a beautiful piano melody line to accompany the sad lyrical content that talks as the name suggests, of that feeling of loneliness of being with someone. I particularly love the simplicity of this song. Sometime's complicated lyrics and music is necessary to put across a message and I think Alf has nailed this song.

'Sexy in the town' has a lovely 'blues' element to the instrumentation underneath Alf's vocals whilst maintaining the traditional country sound and 'Only Human's Cry' has a great 80's feel. Both songs have some wonderful guitar tones and melodies.

'Only Love' is a very heartbreaking song about the cruelty of losing love and 'We'll Be Wed' is a very haunting song in the way that it is produced but actually has incredibly beautiful lyrics.

'Witness Protection' is the final track of the album and starts with a punchy drum beat and rocky guitar sound which is sustained throughout the song. The middle 8 instrumental has a brilliant almost metal/rock guitar solo which you wouldn't necessarily think would work on a country album but I was pleasantly surprised.

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