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Single Review. 'Hearts Can Fill With Loving Things' by Phoenix Morby

One man and his guitar. Stripped back and laid bare 'Hearts Can Fill With Loving Things' is a ballad with a crystal clear vocal. The songs story line is all about taking a step back, looking to see some of the good things, in a world where there are too many atrocities and prejudices, It's about wanting to change everything to make the world a better place to live in.

Such an evocative subject to take on and write a song about. Not your typical country song topic. It does however work, and it builds an unforgettable picture in your mind and a sudden realisation that every word of it is unfortunately all too true and that things really do need to change.

Copy and paste the link below for a 30 second sample of this lovely song, and then pre-order on itunes to enhance your music library.…/hearts-can-fill-with-…/1464210350

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