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Sabine - Intertwine EP Review

Having already heard Sabines debut single 'Love Is Not Enough' I was really pleased that she asked me to review her debut EP. She is very new the the UK country music scene but with a voice like hers I don't think it will be long before we hear her name everywhere.

Opening song 'Intertwine' is a nice up-tempo foot tapping love song. It's about stopping everything that is going on around you to just be in the moment with the one you love. I wish I could be in that place every day.

'Love Is Not Enough' was the first single released on this album. A beautiful ballad with a stunning vocal. This story starts with the breakdown of her relationship. In the aftermath she is looking for a love that will last a lifetime.

'On The Edge' is a ballad that builds. My favourite kind lol. It tells of events immediately after a break up. When the situation hasn't quite sunk in yet and she is just about to phone him when she remembers that she plucked up the courage to leave.

'Under' has such a haunting vocal from Sabine. It's about regaining the identity you had before got involved someone who wasn't right for you. Now you have come out the other side you will be a better version of yourself. It's about re-evaluating your life.

Tick the box if you like a country pop song

Tick the box if you like a good heartbreak story

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Tick the box and add this EP to your music collection.

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