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'Boys Cry Too' EP by Danny McMahon

'Boys Cry Too' is the latest EP from Bristol based Danny McMahon. Recorded and produced at Puzzlemaker Studio. It's a country pop EP full of catchy hooks, intertwined with superb story telling and sincere lyrics. Danny has quite an extensive vocal range and this EP shows this off to maximum effect.

In the opening track the person is thinking about his relationship, when she meant 'Everything' but now that it's over. There is a part of this song that draws you into automatically clapping your hands. I am sure you will all hear it and know when.

'Boys Cry Too' is about keeping control of your emotions for fear of your peers thinking you are less of a man if you don't suppress your tears and sensitivity. Why shouldn't men feel raw emotion like a woman does?

'When I See You' is Danny's number 1 from this EP. Written by a friend it's the story of that special relationship that a boy has with his grandfather. It's one of those songs that draws you in, and you just have to really listen too and it then brings back happy memories.

'Pushing Your Hands Down' begins with a beautiful piano intro and ends with a rocky guitar solo that I feel could have gone on forever. It's about everyone wanting you to be someone you are not and you feel that you are not being able to just be yourself. You just want to be truthful.

You can pre-order on iTunes from Friday May 10th. I recommend adding it to your music library.



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