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Single Review: Larissa Tormey 'Only My Heart Knows'

Larissa Tormey is a singer-songwriter based in Westmeath, Ireland. Her latest release is a song called ‘Only My Heart Knows’ written by Chris Eaton and Franceska Aeshlimann.

The song starts with a beautiful melody of keyboards before Larissa’s soleful voice takes off. Larissa has a way of making you feel every word that she sings – it is evident that she sings the lyrics of these songs from the heart. This may be a song about heartache but it gave me a sense of hope and security. I love the way that the song lifts throughout the first two verses but the writers have left room for thought in the middle 8 leading into the final chorus. Larissa has captured this song perfectly and is a must listen in my book!

All proceeds from the single are being donated to a womansaid Ireland, a charity close to Larissa’s heart.

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You can watch the full video here:

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