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Review of Katy Galloway's Debut EP - 'Twenty Something'

Katy Galloway is a 20 year old country singer who splits her time between Edinburgh and Manchester.

She released her debut EP 'Twenty Something' on 1st March of this year.

The title track 'Twenty Something' is a nice cheerful pop style country song with an uptempo beat that gets your feet tapping along. It's the story of a young love that happened very fast and she can't believe her luck that it's lasted.

'Mixed Up Mind' is about first attractions, uncertainty, mixed messages and trying to figure out how to read them. We have all been in this situation I think so can totally relate to this song.

'Play Nice' is a song with attitude. She is hurt after he broke her heart but she is planning revenge.

'Holding All My Cards' is undoubtedly my favourite track starting softly with a lone piano this ballad builds nicely with the introduction of guitar a haunting vocal and drums. It has a rocky guitar solo in the middle had me instantly hooked. The story this song portrays is of a girl who has fallen for a guy but doesn't want to show him how much he means to her as she isn't sure if he feels the same way about her.

'Why You Gotta Do That Now' is a beautiful ballad. Stripped back to just vocal, harmonies and a piano. She is heartbroken because she had everything she wanted and now it's all gone.

'Twenty Something' is available on all online platforms and would fit well into any music library.

Please go and check Katy Galloway out.

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