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Donna Marie 'Acoustic Sessions Vol. One'

I have followed Donna Marie on Twitter for a while now & was lucky enough to see her perform at Studio 2, Par Street, Liverpool last year when she supported Danny McMahon on his UK tour, so to be asked to review her brand new EP ‘Acoustic Sessions, Vol. one’ was an absolute thrill.

The EP begins with an upbeat number called ‘Release’. Donna really captures the song in an acoustic setting by adding in some wonderful backing vocals and a very catchy acoustic guitar riff. The way that she sings the higher notes actually reminds me of Philippa Hannah.

The second song, ‘Miles & Miles’, is my absolute favourite of the three tracks. The way that the melody and the instrumentation complement Donna’s stunning vocals is an absolute pleasure to listen to. I feel that in this song, Donna really puts her heart and soul into the lyrical content and you really feel what she feels.

‘Heal your mind’ is a heart stomper. It really pulls on the heart strings. The delivery is exquisite and I really love the arrangement of acoustic and electric guitar. I feel that Donna has put together a beautiful array of three songs that allow the listener to identify and find a level of relatability.

A definite recommendation from me!!

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