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Review: Mike Ross - Young Man

When I first took a browse at Mike Ross’ Facebook page, I headed straight to the about section to take a look at what I was going to be listening to. It read ‘Uplifting intelligent Americana with a bluesy bias & a soulful swing’. If I am completely honest, I had no idea what that meant and what I was about to listen to but I was intrigued and definitely up for it.

I pressed play and was instantly hit by an array of the traditional country from the Deep South. This quote I read from Blues in Britain gave a perfect description – “This lad from the far North East has distilled the essence of the Deep South and West Coast of America". It took me back to watching those western country movies where the background music built tension of the cowboys on their horses riding into the desert! I was loving it.

The song exposes a lot of very exquisite instruments – the way that they surround Mike’s vocals when they kick in to bring rich tones that fit the style of the song perfectly. I like the attitude in the vocals throughout the verse and the unison multiple vocals on certain lines that emphasise the lyrical content.

I can’t say this is a style of music that I have ever listened to before but if you have any interest in traditional country, the Deep South or a general appreciation for great music and wonderful instrumentation, you will want to check this out!


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