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Jess & The Bandits - Already Written

'Already Written' was released on 1st March. It is a song that starts off fairly softly and builds steadily. It shows off Jess's voice beautifully. As with the instrumentation Jess starts singing in almost a whisper which increases in intensity throughout the song.

From the opening bar this song makes me feel happy somehow. I think it is because the girl in the story is full of hope that although she is alone at this moment, she will soon be re-united with her man when he is ready to come home. We all love a love story don't we.

I thought I would share this beautiful stripped back acoustic version with y'all as Jess would say. Although her bandits are all British Jess hails from Texas USA. Their live performances are full of passion and energy. In this song though, she is laying herself bare and it portrays a certain vulnerability in her which is endearing. It just feels like she is the girl next door. I think the video helps with that idea. Getting your guitars out and sitting round your fire pit after a barbeque for a bit of a sing song and a glass or two of wine. That's my idea of heaven. So let's all invite Jess & The Bandits to a barbeque this summer.

'Already written is available on iTunes and Spotify

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