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Dean Maywood - 'Knowing & Lying'

Dean Maywood is an artist whose music brings influence from Americana, Folk & Rock and deals with narratives of the everyman, stories of love, loss, isolation, joy, fear, desperation and heart ache. Having not heard of Dean before, when I read those words on his Facebook page, I was very intrigued to open the MP3 and give his new track ‘Knowing and Lying’ a listen.

The song starts with an acoustic instrumental which makes me visualise a typical country and western outback surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The instrumentation provides an eerie yet powerful atmosphere to the song. As the vocals kick in, you can instantly tell that Dean’s voice is perfectly suited to the song. I really enjoyed the effects on the vocal which make them sound distant. It really adds to the feeling that I think Dean is trying to put across in this song. I think Dean gets the balance between instrumentation and lyrical content very well. He gives the listener time to reflect on the emotions of the song. It is completely different to the style of music that I would usually listen to but I definitely recommend anyone with a love for country music to check this out.

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