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British Country Music Artists - FBC Are Changing Their Gig Posting Strategy

Hi Everyone,

I am changing the way I post to the Forever British Country facebook group. As you know this group was created to give artists a platform in which to showcase their videos and photos. It was also created to get word of gigs and launches to country music fans in the hope that it would increase attendance at gigs. So moving forward, I would like to utilise our website a bit more for this purpose. As you know, it is generally me who posts information to our group. I cannot physically go to every artists page to find gigs because there are not enough hours in the day, so if your gigs don't come up in my news feed then I don't know about them.

From now on, we would like artists to post their gig information directly to Forever British Country. An eye catching poster would be great but not essential as a list will surfice. I will then create a blog for those posters and lists on the website. Obviously all venue details and dates would need to be included. One blog for each month. This will then be shared and tweeted reaching our website and twitter fans for the first time.

Forever British Country's role within the British country music scene is evolving and growing by the day. We are being contacted more and more to review artists music which is very time consuming and depending on whether it is a single, an ep or an album can literally take me all day. Thank goodness Rachel is now on board to help with some of those.

Ian and I still produce our monthly podcast, but now it goes out on the radio too, so it has to be one hour long. They usually take a couple of days to produce as we fit it around work commitments.

Gigs that we attend need reviewing in the hope that we can attract more people to attend in the future. We are very grateful for Rachel's and Doddie's help, and if any regular gig attendees would like to do reviews for us then we would be very appreciative of your help.

The fantastic photo's that Ian takes at gigs and festivals all need editing, uploading and sharing to all artists and groups. Due to work commitments again, this can take weeks.

All our acoustic sessions are edited by Anthony who also works full time. Half of them are filmed by him too. We work very hard at festivals so that we can bring you these sessions and we think that putting a new one out every week keeps interest in festivals fresh in peoples minds.

All our sites and channels need to be constantly updated, and Anthony maintains them all to a high standard. The work that goes into FBC by the 3 of us can be overwhelming at times.

We want your information to reach as many people as possible. We don't want to fail our artists, but it is simply impossible to get all your information out to fans without your help. We need you to post your information DIRECTLY to FBC so that it can be included in the blog, which will in turn be shared onto the Forever British Country group page and a load of others.

Please, help us to help you and hopefully between us, we can move this genre forward. xx

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