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Wolverhampton Country Night - February 2019

Tonight our first artist is Josh Beddis. He is fairly new to the scene and we hadn't seen him before. He is traditional sounding in his style of country songwriting. He was a little nervous as he opened the show. He was telling us that he is not used to having an audience sit and listen to every word in his songs. He was also nervous as it seems he is a big fan of Ags Connolly who was standing at the back watching his performance. He needn't have worried though because it was a thoroughly enjoyable set.

Our next artist is Emily Lockett. We have seen this young lady a few times now and it's always a pleasure. Very Taylor Swift in style and she is certainly gaining in confidence and interacted with her audience well, introducing each of her songs with ease. I do find that her songs stick in my head for days afterwards which is a good thing right?

It has been reported since, that when Emily sang her Shania Twain cover of 'You're Still The One', Ags grabbed Josh and they were singing and dancing along. Although I was sitting in the back row this was unfortunately going on behind me, otherwise I could have added some fun video to this review. Next time eh lads.

Bringing Wolverhampton Country Night to a close this month is Ags Connolly. This man has a quiet way about him until he sings. And that voice.....

Hailing from Oxfordshire Ags has been very popular with fans of British country music for the last few years. His songs are definitely stories put to music, which makes you want to listen to every word intently. He plays a pretty mean guitar too. Members of the audience were singing along with him and he has also had a line dance choreographed to one of his songs. Now that's fame. The choreographer was actually sitting in the audience so of course he played that song. Unfortunately the lady didn't dance along, but I bet she did in her head.

Details of next months country night...

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