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Gareth Nugent - Quarter Mile Album Review

If you are a fan of country music from the States in the 90's and Southern Rock then this album is definitely for you as it takes influences from both. The opening track 'Quarter Mile' just puts me in mind of Tim McGraw in his heyday. It's all about living life day by day and getting the most out of it. Following on from that is 'Your Man' which remains up-tempo and gets your foot tapping.

'I Love Country' begins with a nice rocky riff and continues with a rock anthem feel throughout and then the album slows down a little for 'Back To Your Roots' which is a punchy ballad that puts me in mind of the 'Blaze of Glory' album by Jon Bon Jovi and in places throughout, Gareth's vocal does indeed have a Bon Jovi vibe too it.

'I Want You' is all about not wanting the trappings of modern life because the only thing that will make the guy happy is the girl in his life while 'Waiting For You' is a powerful ballad about love that has a great guitar solo and is probably my favourite song on the album, if I had to choose, which is very difficult.

Piano is the dominant instrument in this next beautiful song called 'Forget Me Not'. It works so well with the pedal steel guitar making this song sound the most traditional on the album, but not in any way dated. Last but not least is 'Story' which starts with lovely guitar picking and then the sound builds towards the chorus. It still has that rocky edge that all the songs on this album possess. I really love a song that gradually builds and then fades to almost nothing again.

8 superb songs that take you on a musical journey. I just close my eyes and drift. On listening to the very first song I knew this album was going to be my cup of tea by the bucket load.

'Quarter Mile' is due to be released in September. Make it yours.

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