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Elles Bailey - 'Road I Call Home'

Now I could just say 'I absolutely love this album from start to finish' and be done with it. What an easy review, but it's not very helpful for you guys out there is it. I will also try not to use phrases like 'oh my god' too. Haha it's going to be difficult.

This album opens with 'Hell or High Water'. Starting off stripped back and bare and turning into a really rocky anthem of a song.

'Wild Wild West' references the gun slinging history of America followed by 'Deeper' which has a sound a bit like '70's soul music complete with brass section.

'What's The Matter With You' my favourite track without a doubt. A bluesy ballad with attitude. Really relatable to anyone who has gone through a bad patch or suffered a relationship break up.

'Medicine Man' was the first single released from this album and it is definitely in keeping with the bluesy style songs that we know and love from this singer/songwriter.

'Road I Call Home' The title track of the album is a lively little number and is quite different from most of the songs on the album being more rock influenced as opposed to mainly blues. It was a song inspired by Elles' hectic touring lifestyle.

'Foolish Hearts' is a beautiful break-up ballad and 'Miss Me When I'm Gone' is out and out blues and has a fantastic guitar riff.

There are those trumpets for that 70's sound again. 'Help Somebody' is a real foot tapping song with a really catchy melody. It is in complete contrast to 'Little Piece of Heaven' which has more than a trace of soul in it.

And last but by no means least 'Light In The Distance' is beautiful. It's stripped back to the bones with just Elles singing along to herself playing a lone piano. It really doesn't need anything else.

How would I describe this album over all?

Elles Bailey is a female British version of Chris Stapleton in her writing style. Bluesy country rock with guitar riffs that, in places, put me in mind of Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory album. It does indeed take the listener on a trip across cowboy country.

Influences include a touch of soul music in places and a whole lot of Baileys soul is poured into this album too. Top quality musicianship throughout and those stunning smokey vocals....... (no words)

It has something for everyone and has all the storytelling traits that country music is famous for.

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