The Mike Ross Band - 'Young Man'

'I love tales of the old west, especially when the dialogue is done right - the hopes and dreams of

the times expressed with a Dickensian turn of phrase in an accent that has its roots in Swedish or

Dutch as much as it does Irish or old English. Young Man leaped onto the page mostly fully formed

once I heard the words ‘a man who never was much one for spirits or company’ in my head. There

wasn’t much of a conscious hand on the tiller here - as with most of my songs the story just

flowed and its only later that I get to find out what it’s about. Turns out Young Man is telling tales

from the ages of man, including a vicious dig at the ‘righteous man’ (all sour with vigour and

stained by bile) which can be tilted at any politician or disgraced priest that comes into your

sights. All this being told from the corner stage of a smoky New Orleans or Paris basement club

with Django on guitar and Stéphane on fiddle.'

'Young Man' is taken from Mike Ross' upcoming album 'The Clovis Limit Pt.1' which is out on the

26th April. Mike is also one-third of Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross, whose critically acclaimed album

'Mahogany Drift' is out now!

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