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Mondays gig was the 1st in the run of gigs for Northern Irish band. “The Rising” on their “Moving On” Tour which is

also the name of their new album with some invited acts to showcase their talents.

The night at the Hug and Pint started with John Rush. John gave a great set with his own songs.

John’s a great singer songwriter from Glasgow that I first heard at Millport last year and he engages the audience with

his typical Glasgow humour. There were sentimental songs and, as he said himself some depressing stuff but

whichever he sang the crowd were lively with their applause. I thoroughly enjoyed his set and would recommend you

give him a listen.

Next up was Riley who again I first saw at Millport. Riley and her guitarist were to give us a rousing set of her own

songs and she is a great young talent and very enthusiastic when singing. When speaking to her after she said she

needs to engage and work the audience a bit more. To be honest if she keeps showing the talent she has there’s not

much more she needs to do. Her songs tell a story and she expresses those stories well and is very animated with her

hand actions. Riley is another local talent to keep an eye out for.

The 3rd showcase act was Louise Connell who again showcased her own music along with her guitarist. Louise has a

very quiet demeanour and is thoroughly focused on the job in hand when singing. Louise also had an instrument

change during her set when she played the mandolin.

Enter The Rising who came on to give us a fantastic set with songs from the new album and also some of their older

tracks. Chris Logan is a very talented musician and Chantelle McAteer has a tremendous voice. There were a few of

Chantelle’s family in the crowd and she dedicated one of the songs to them and it was fabulous. The band had the

ability to keep us on our toes with a great variety of fast and slow tracks and I would say if you get the chance to see

them on their current tour please do. I'm looking forward to the band making a return visit to Scotland soon.

The night ended with The Rising taking time to speak to the people that stayed behind to see them and also gave us

plenty of opportunities for photos.

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