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The Importance of Networking.

Our aim at Forever British Country is to raise awareness of, and showcase our British country artists in as many ways as we can to reach a wider audience. We have a website and Youtube channel. You can find us on Mixcloud,, Instagram and Twitter. We have a Youtube video playlist and a Spotify playlist. All in conjunction with a facebook group and page.

We have been building our brand steadily over the last 3 years.

We are aware of over 400 UK country music artists and most, but not all of those are members of our facebook group. Which means we have upwards of 2,000 country music fans as members. Only a relatively small percentage of those artists post their gig information which means that the others slip under the radar of the festival and event organisers we have as members.

I would just like to tell you a story about 2 different artists.

Both these artists were new to the British country scene 2 years ago. Both artists decided to attend some of our British country music festivals. They started talking to the people around them which lead to one of them being asked to sing a song or two on the stage. Both artists have shown their support to other artists, by attending their gigs and talking to the artists and their fans, and that is how they got themselves known by promoters and other artists within the scene.

So the following year, the above artists applied, and were awarded a slot at at least 2 of our British country music festivals and they may also have supported some of our more well known artists at their gigs. All this came about because they were building a rapport with promoters and artists alike on top of their talent, drive and determination.

I love to hear good stories from our artists, and this does not guarantee you a spot at a festival or as a supporting artist, but it certainly can't hurt your chances. Those artists totally believe that supporting other artists helped them.

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