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Nashville Sounds In The Round at Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham 21/2/19

I think 'Nashville Sounds In The Round' has been going for about 18 months now. It is held at 2 monthly intervals and is a great showcase event for our British country artists who all really look forward to being invited to play.

We arrived a little early so we had a chat with UK country artist Sam Coe and gig photographer Jill Gibbons who were enjoying a meal in the bar. It wasn't long before we were allowed through to 'The Kitchen Garden Cafe'. When you first walk through the door you are greeted by a venue that positively sparkles with fairy lights.

Presented by 'Your Life In A Song' and hosted by 'Gasoline & Matches' 'Nashville Sounds In The Round' is a sure fire winner with artists and audiences alike.

Our artists this month were Gasoline & Matches, Katy Hurt, Kezia Gill and Simon James. All top songwriters and all wonderful singers. Who needs auto tune. These artists certainly don't.

Steve and Sally who are 'Gasoline & Matches' welcomed everyone and started the round off with an original song. These guys are seriously good musicians and songwriters and very comfortable performing either as a duo or with their band.

Katy Hurt was up next. What a voice this girl has. She blew me away last year at C2C and when I saw her perform with her band in Wolverhampton, and last night as a solo performer she was no different. She is very endearing and draws an audience to her.

Having only seen Kezia Gill when she performed an acoustic session for us last year, 3 songs at the BCMA's and on videos as she toured Australia with Buckle and Boots I was excited to see her in the flesh so to speak. Oh wow. I wasn't disappointed. Her voice is strong and made for country although I think she could sing rock too. She sang a song about her dad that she is currently recording and wow. Every word was incredible.

I felt a little sorry for Simon last night. One boy being picked on by all the girls, (I think he secretly loved it) but when he sang his songs he showcased what an incredible songwriter he is. I have loved his music from the first time I ever heard it and I have never yet heard him perform when he doesn't put a brand new song into his set.

3 rounds of songs and it was time for a little break. In this break I was able to finally meet someone I had been chatting to occasionally online for the last 3 years. Katy Hurts mum Karen. It was lovely to meet her at last. It was lovely to meet up with Kezia's family too as I had only seen them in the Australia tour photos.

Back for the second half of the evening and it's round 4. With more stories and more songs this evening just got better and better. We were treated to a fantastic cover of Patsy Clines '3 Cigarettes in an Ashtray' by Kezia Gill. The best cover of any Patsy Cline song anywhere in the world I think. Simon you need to get a Patsy Cline tribute show of some sort put together to tour the country. Now wouldn't that be amazing.

Simon asked Kezia to harmonise on a song together, Steve played intricate guitar solos for each artist. It truly was a magical evening. Each artist sang 5 songs in total. The audience were respectful and listened the entire evening.

Any advice about this event?

Yes. Don't miss it.

And get your tickets early as this event sells out 3 weeks before the performance date.

Photos from a camera phone. Sorry for the poor quality.

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