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'Live At Bobs Records' - A New Album by Lexie Green & Indigo Blue

'Live at Bob's Records' is performed live and opens with 'Gasoline It' a real foot stomper with powerful vocals full of raw passion. It eases you straight into 'Country & Western' which is the most traditional sounding of all the songs.

The lively 'Miss Molly's Wrecking Ball' and 5 'Miles from Memphis' have a real 60's feel about them with the beautiful tone of the guitar. Both seem familiar after a couple of plays which is the power of a good tune with a catchy hook.

'Breathe' brings the tempo down and is a beautiful ballad with a bluesy sounding guitar.

'What Would Elvis Do' gets your foot tapping again and leads you into 'Black River' which is another blues style song with strong gutsy gospel inspired vocals. It seems to transport me to a little wooden whitewashed church at the edge of the bayou.

The album finishes with the mid tempo 'I Ain't Gonna Be Late' which just makes you want to dance.

I love the sound of live performances. It's really nice to hear the clapping and the giggles and interaction from the band when they know they have done a great job. A little hint of their personality shining through.

This fabulous country album showcases Lexie's husky vocals perfectly. Taking influences from blues and gospel and blending them together to delight the listener.

Lexie Green - 'Live At Bob's Records' is due for release on 3rd May 2019 so keep your eyes peeled cos you won't want to miss it.

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