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Helena Mace ‘Save It For Another Day’

Helena Mace is not only a good friend of mine but one of the most motivated artists I know so, when I was asked to review her brand new single, of course I said yes!

The song starts with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and the innocent vocals of Helena. I love the traditional country element that this song displays and the modern production, especially on her vocals – captured exceptionally well. I listened to this song a few times to appreciate the beautiful instrumentation that comes with the song! I absolutely love the mix of harmonica, acoustic guitar and piano throughout the song that really adds to its depth and meaning.

From my understanding, the song speaks of an individual looking back on a life that he used to have or wanted in the past and begins to realise that it isn’t that way anymore. It actually reminded me to remember what I have and to appreciate life for what it is.

I thought Hometown was my favourite song but I think this could be the best song Helena has released… ever!

‘Save it for another day’ it available to pre-order from February 18th & will be released on March 15th!



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