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'Everglow' - A Single by Coyote Creed

Coyote Creed describe their sound as country rock. I would go a slight step further and say 'Everyglow' is verging on country metal with unmistakably metal sounding electric guitar riffs throughout and a powerful, rugged vocal from singer/songwriter Dave Mac. 'Everglow' has an acoustic guitar solo which works really well although you wouldn't necessarily expect it too given the arrangement of the song.

If you like your country on the rockier side you will love this. I really enjoyed this song as I wasn't expecting it. It is something completely different and well worth a listen.

Country music seems to be a diverse genre these days, having country rock, country blues, and pop country under its umbrella, alongside a multitude of more traditional styles including bluegrass and western swing. Some artists are even including rap in their country songs today so it seems a natural progression to incorporate some softer metal too.

Coyote Creed release their debut single ‘Everglow’ on the March 1st and it will be followed up by another single called ‘Can’t get enough’, before unveiling their whole debut album this summer. music video) (Everglow audio) (Website) (Instagram)

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