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Lucy Blu - Single Launch

Its 5:30pm and Danny and I are on the motorway, en route to The Slaughtered Lamb for Lucy Blu’s Single Launch. Despite the cold weather and the atrocious traffic coming into London, we made it in time to perch ourselves on the sofa for the opening set by Shannon Hynes.

Shannon Hynes

I’d heard a lot about Shannon over the past couple of months so was really excited to see what the

fuss was all about. An incredibly bubbly young girl bounced onto the stage and began her set with a song called ‘Comfort’. It was a great song to start the evening with and her soulful voice complemented the melody. She then went into a song called Dreaming with Nashville. She explained that she wrote it before her first trip to Nashville and told us that she had recently booked her second trip to Music City. This song encouraged me that in life, sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith and go chasing after our dreams to make them a reality – whether it be applying for a new job, resigning, releasing a new song or taking a trip to somewhere new – we all need to take a leap of faith.

Shannon then played her latest single ‘Someone to drink with’ and ended on ‘Pretty’. Both songs were sung absolutely beautifully. In the former, Shannon captured the low notes in the song really well which was complimented by her soulful voice. The latter, was a more upbeat number and I would love to hear this played with a full band sometime.

I think there is a lot to come from this young lady in the future!

Check her out here:


Danny McMahon

You can always rely on Danny to begin his set with an upbeat number filled with passion and love for what he does. You always see people moving in their seats, bopping along to the beats and the melodies that he presents to his listening audience. He began with Brokenhearted which was followed by a new song which was written in Nashville with Billy Smiley and weirdly enough… me. Ha-ha! He told the story that when we began writing this song I didn’t have any intention of being involved in Danny’s writing processes when we were in Nashville but just happened to come up with something slightly useful at that moment in time. Billy then decided to name this song ‘Friends with Benefits’.

Danny then played ‘When I See You’ – his single that reached number 1 in the iTunes Country Chart. I personally have a soft spot for this song because you can guarantee that someone in the audience can relate to it. In fact, that’s what I love about country music in general. The songwriters have an incredible talent in making the listener feel a certain way and allowing them to relate in whatever way they feel necessary.

Danny ended his set with another new song ‘Everything’, followed by ‘It don’t work that way’. I am really excited to hear some of these new songs come to life in a full-band setting across the course of the year.

Check him out here:


Lucy Blu

Ok. Firstly. That outfit! Absolutely loving the Blue Flared trousers. Lucy began her set with a song off the first EP ‘By the Way’. It was a great up tempo number with some funky piano pieces and guitar riffs. She has an incredible voice and really can hit the big notes. Lucy then went into ‘All this time’. She explained quirkily how this was the first love song that she had ever written despite being in a relationship for approximately 8 years now. From a musical perspective, I absolutely loved the minor cords and the progression in this song.

I was absolutely gutted that the fear of being stranded in the snow cut our gig short that evening. We had to get back to Chepstow and in all honesty, I am incredibly thankful and slightly impressed that we made it back considering the weather conditions. However, thanks to Danny Coffill-Brown I was able to watch the brilliant duet that Lucy and Shannon performed together and I am so happy that her single went to Number 1!! Much deserved!

If you haven’t already, please try and catch one of Lucy’s shows & check her out here:


Side Note: the sound engineer in this venue was absolutely incredible! Hats off to the guy – some of the best sound in a venue I’ve heard that’s for sure.

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