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Dusk Brothers Debut EP - Storms, Rum, Liars & Guns

There is no other sound like it. Dusk Brothers are totally unique on the British country music scene. They describe their style as "Extraordinary Swamp Blues" and when I hear their music it immediately transports me back to the Florida Everglades where we went on a gator safari about 10 years ago. Jace Everett's 'Trueblood' theme song 'I Wanna Do Bad Things To You' would be the closest song I could use to try to convey their style of music to you. Sounds of America's Deep South.

If you have ever seen these guys perform live you will know that they play their own home made instruments too. Cigar box guitars, one doubles as a bass, drums,cymbals, a tambourine that they use their feet to play. Mouth organ, fiddle, even a car horn. You couldn't replicate their sound. It's tough and it's gritty and it's quite ingenious. 'I Go It Alone' would be the ballad in the mix but it is no less gritty than the rest of the songs that the Dusk Brothers have on offer.

Hold On

The Damage Done

Rum River

I Go It Alone

Good songs, great harmonies and superb musicianship sums up this very individual EP.

Storms, Rum, Liars and Guns is due for release on 16th February.

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