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Just Another Night - Ryan Farmer

This is Ryan Farmers debut album.

He has made old style traditional country music sound up-to-date and modern. Authentic and very easy on the ear. Superb guitar picking and musicianship throughout.

You can hear that Ryan has taken influences from other genres closely related to country music and blended them to create this collection of songs. Americana, Blues and Roots work very well together as you will hear.

She Can Do Everything (But Fall In Love With Me) Amelia

Just Another Night

Motordrome Blues

Down in the Morning


Down to the Water

Ol' Sparky Blues

My Darlin'

Ran Aground

Ryan has a slight rasp to his voice which I really like and it really suits his style of music.

If you like your country on the traditional side then this album is for you, but there again if you like a more modern sound then this album is also for you.

Set for release on 23rd February 2019 on all platforms.

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