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Review of A Message From An Angel - A New Album By Phoenix Morby

'A Message From An Angel' is an introduction from the songwriter, haunting and echoey.

'Rear View Mirror' the second song is acapella for the first half of it and then the guitar comes in giving this song a melancholy feel.

'Whiskey' is a song about lost love and addiction.

Phoenix has previously released two singles from this album. 'Butterfly' and 'Waterfall' but my favourite song is 'Rattlesnake Highway' . I feel this is the strongest song on the album. I would love to hear it with a full band behind it.

All the songs are one man and his guitar giving the feel of a live performance. From 'Hang Town' to 'Be The River' to 'Chalk Pit Rise and 'Hearts Can Fill With Loving Things' I feel that the songwriter is quite literally pouring his heart out throughout this album. They are some of the sincerest songs I have ever heard.

The final song 'By Your Side' lifts the tempo slightly and is a song about hope for the future.

Having had a conversation with the songwriter, Phoenix admits that he writes sad songs in abundance, but everyone needs a sad song in their lives at one time or another. This album has them by the bucketful.

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