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A Chat with Elles Bailey

Keren - Hi everyone, tonight for Forever British Country I am talking to Elles Bailey, Hi Elles how are you?

Elles - Hello, I'm very good how are you?

Keren - I'm fine, I just caught the last half of your set I think, because we were rushing around doing interviews and stuff but phenomenal.

Elles - Ah bless you and thank you.

Keren - Lovely voice

Elles - Thank you

Keren - Lovely style (Elles giggles) I think you're like Chris Stapleton but female.

Elles - I will take that any day. Chris Stapleton is a hero of mine. So yeah, he's a legend, so yeah thank you.

Keren - You're welcome. So do you class yourself as country or bluesy country or blues?

Elles - So I would say there are lots of influences in my music, I would say I am definitely more blues sounding but my writing is quite country style so I think that is why I fitted quite nicely in between blues and country and I'm really inspired by a lot of the Nashville songwriters. I think they write music so beautifully so I'm always listening to see what they do so a bit of both.

Keren - So who have been your influences through your life.

Elles - Through my life, so many. I grew up listening to Chicago Blues. People like 'Muddy Waters', and Chuck Berry. Well Chuck Berry is Rock'n'Roll, lots of old soul as well and Gospel and I am a huge fan of 'The Band' my dad brought me up listening to 'The Band' and 'Nitty Gritty Dirt Band' and stuff like that. (Elles sings 'You and me go fishing in the dark') so yeah I've got loads of influences but more recently I've really got into Bonny Rait, I think she's absolutely phenomenal and as we've said already Chris Stapleton. What a dude.

Keren - Yeah. So if you were to pick a pop song, any song and make it in your own style, what song would you choose?

Elles - I think I've already done it. I 'd choose 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift which is what I've done already and that's actually on my debut album 'Wildfire' which I bought out in September 2017 taking Taylor back to country blending in a little bit of blues.

Keren - I think she was quite instrumental in bringing country over here and making people interested in it again.

Elles - I think so. Definitely. She's been a pioneer for getting country around the world and it really has been a movement I think, and she's a legend. I absolutely adore her. I know all of the lyrics to all of her albums, I am a Taylor Swift fan. A Swifty. Is that what they call them?

Keren - Well yeah

Elles - A Swifter, a Swifty? I am a Swifty (giggles)

Keren - That's wonderful. Thanks very much for talking to me tonight. It's short and sweet.

Elles - Thank you very much for having me.

Keren - It's been really nice and it's been a fantastic event and it's been really nice to have you here.

Elles - Thank you so much and thank you for all the support for country music that you do online as well. We really really appreciate it.

Keren - You are very welcome. It's been nice talking to you.

Elles - Thanks.

Keren - Thank you.

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