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I am a solo singer songwriter and have been working as a club singer for many years, but in the last couple of years I decided to pick up a guitar and wrote my own country style music. I was bought up with a musical family as my dad was in a rock and country band for a very long time.

I am influenced by many country and rock artists such as Miranda Lambert and Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Dolly Parton to name but a few, and most recently I am loving Ashley McBryde.

I have written and released 2 albums so far, 'Wash Away The Years' and 'Chasing Dreams' both with a country and folk influence and style.

QUESTION: If you could choose a guest singer for your band or a singer to duet with out of anyone in the world alive or dead, who would you choose? ANSWER: I would love to perform with Stevie Nicks and Ashley McBryde. I love both their voices and styles.

QUESTION: Do you write all your own material or do you collaborate with other writers? ANSWER: I write all my music and lyrics myself and have an amazing producer Matt Black who has worked on both albums with me, although 2 tracks were written by my dad.

QUESTION: Do you prefer vinyl or digital? ANSWER: I love the sound of a good old vinyl record over digital. There is no sound like an authentic vinyl record.

QUESTION: Wackiest pet owned or normal pet with wackiest personality? ANSWER: My cats are quite weird in personality. I have 2 rescue cats named Pirate and Jinx who didn't get a very good start in life. Pirate purrs more than any cat I have ever owned and Jinx is an absolute maniac and does the strangest things.

QUESTION: What do you feel is the greatest achievement of your musical career to date? ANSWER: My greatest achievements in music are Bring Votes Global Artist Of The Year on Q108 Canada radio station and being nominated for 3 UK Country Radio Awards.

I am working on a 3rd album..... Watch this space. A new single will be coming soon.

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