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They say you get a lifetime to write your first album, and the blink of an eye to make your second. Elles Bailey wins either way, which is why she's ready to follow the widespread success of Wildfire with the stunningly mature and highly personal synopsis of a year that changed her life in forthcoming album 'Road I Call Home'. Back in September 2017, Wildfire broke down barriers to win rapturous praise right across the music media landscape. “Every genre,” says Bailey with a smile. “That was such a surprise. The title track, written with her band guitarist Joe Wilkins, also had Bailey racing from Spotify novice to nearly one million streams, while the album itself is close to two million, and still the playlists come in for it.

Now, the great news for all of Bailey's ever-expanding army of admirers is that she is all set with her follow-up statement. Road I Call Home. Bailey made the sophomore record chiefly at Nashville's Sound Emporium, with Brad Nowell sharing production duties with Steve Blackmon, but also cut two tunes for it with her own touring band at Mono Valley in Wales, including first single Medicine Man. It’s a remarkable companion to Wildfire that retains all of the fire of the debut set, but adds new maturity, perspective and downright soulfulness.

“Wildfire was written over five years,” says Elles, “Road I call Home was written over one. It tells the story of touring Wildfire, and how my life has changed since. I feel it delves deeper, and deals with loss, love, anger, determination and life on the road, with more than 200 gigs under my belt and many miles travelled.”

Like its chart-topping predecessor, Elles’ new album features co-writing contributions from high-calibre collaborators, including British hit-making legend and Ivor Novello Award winner Roger Cook, storied Memphis and Nashville giant Bobby Wood, as well as Dan Auerbach (of Akron, Ohio powerhouses The Black Keys) on the infectious ‘Little Piece of Heaven’.

In 2019, Elles will be back on the road that she really does call home. When she arrives near you, don't think twice, get there. A great evening and a long musical friendship will be waiting.

QUESTION: If you could choose a guest singer for your band or a singer to duet with out of anyone in the world alive or dead, who would you choose?

ANSWER: This is a tough one, but it was always my childhood dream to duet with Joe Cocker. His live at Filimore East records has got to be one of my favourite albums :) I was heartbroken when he passed away.

QUESTION: If you had to include a Beatles song in your set which one would you choose?

ANSWER: Aww I Love “Come Together” - that’s defo my Beatles Jam!

QUESTION: What is the furthest you have travelled to a gig and driven back in a day?

ANSWER: On my last tour we drove all the way home from Denmark in one go! It was going so smoothly until they shut the eurotunnel and we got stuck waiting for the train of three hours! We ended up getting home at 4am and had travelled for 23 hours! That was pretty hardcore and we had all kinda lost it by the end of the journey!

QUESTION: Tell us the story of your most embarrassing moment on stage?

ANSWER: That’s easy, the time I cropped it on stage at The Great British R&B festival back in 2016 just before heading to Nashville to make Wildfire.

It was the 2nd to last song singing Howlin' Wolf, and I was so into it that I flicked my hat off, stamped my foot but by accident my foot hit the rim of my hat, I rolled my ankle and literally rolled on stage wearing a mini skirt and 6 inch heels! I’ve never been in so much pain but the show had to go on so I carried on until the end of the set then ended up signing cds with a big bag of ice on my leg! I looked like such a diva! I wasn’t able to do sport for three months after that!

QUESTION: How big were the largest & smallest crowds you have played too?

ANSWER: I’ve played to a few thousand at festivals, but I have also played to the Barman and his dog !! That’s grassroots for you though!

QUESTION: What do you feel is the greatest achievement of your musical career to date?

ANSWER: I’ve got two, one is the amount of touring I have done with my incredible band over the last two years! We have played 100 shows each year and toured loads of Europe and done shows in to the USA! You can always find me on tour! The road really is my home right now!

Also having to chance to record and work in Nashville has been such an amazing thing. I’ve now made two albums there and worked with some of the worlds most incredible musicians and songwriters out there! I feel so incredibly lucky! My new album Road I Call Home, mostly recorded in Sound Emporium in Nashville is out on March 8th, I’m so excited to share this record with everyone!

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