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The Country Club at Rango's

This was the second instalment of what is going to prove to be a very popular night I think.

Always tricky holding an event so close to Christmas because everyone has their works do on the last Saturday before Christmas but there was a reasonable crowd and we were all set to have a party.

We arrived at about 6:30 and got our tickets which are only £5 each or £3 each if you eat in the restaurant, and we settled in with a drink. The doors opened at about 7:15 and we made our way upstairs.

I like how this room is set out with its barrel tables and red and white gingham tablecloths. There is a brand newly built bar in one corner so you don't even have to leave the room to get a drink.

Unfortunately country artist Emma Moore lost her voice completely so she couldn't perform and despite all efforts to find another artist who wasn't already booked it was decided in the end that the 2 remaining artists would play longer sets instead. This worked really well.

Cinder Hill took to the stage. I really enjoy hearing these girls sing. Hayley and Katie, guitars in hand, sang an assortment of their originals but chose songs that they hadn't included in their set the previous month. They also sang some Christmas songs to get us in the mood. They were accompanied by their lead guitarist Deon Looker.

There was a short break while the stage was reset then Backwoods Creek were on. Jamie and Yannick on guitar and Kamil with his slick beats on cajon. They were fabulous as usual, bringing their brand of country rock to Winsford in Cheshire. With a good party atmosphere it felt like Christmas had now started for us properly. We were sad to see the evening come to an end.

There is no country club at Rango's in January. February 16th is the next one.

All photos courtesy of Ian Morrall

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