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Hi Guys,

So as an artist I started my journey when first attending C2C festival 2017. It was my first Country Festival that I’d

been to and I was honestly so taken a back by the people and the vibe created by the authentic artists and the feel

good nature that it left me with a burning to want to step outside of just being a Country writer and put my face to some

of my songs.

That weekend I also met my now girlfriend Rachel who convinced me the whole thing was gonna be a good idea and

that I should try something different. Within a couple of months radio play was circulating and I’d already been asked

to play shows in California! It was certainly a really exciting but natural beginning to my journey.

I’m super grateful for the guys who come and back me out on the road and all the work they put into what I do.

However the one guy that has invested everything into this project is my guitarist Andrea Succi. He’s also my business

partner at Puzzle Maker Studios where we help new Country artists grow and develop. We co-produced all my

material together and he engineers all my work. I think the main thing that makes it such a great working relationship is

that we have total trust in each other’s strengths and abilities from writing, to producing, to when we walk out on that

stage together!

QUESTION: If you could invite all the people who have influenced you musically to a dinner party, alive or dead, who

would you invite?

ANSWER: I’d have to have Keith Whitley as I feel his songs are absolutely timeless and he’s about as real and

authentic as it gets!

Stevie Wonder because I think he’s one of the best songwriters of all time!

Then lastly I’d have to have Keith Urban because he’s such a huge influence on me as an artist and the music I put

out, and has the most incredible ability to move and progress with his music and I’d love to talk to him about that.

QUESTION: What is your favourite driving music for long journeys and did you all sing along?

ANSWER: When I was in California playing with the band earlier this year, we’d hired this huge Chevy and were

driving around the streets on LA and San Diego blasting “Life Is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts! It was definitely one of

those epic movie moments!

When I’m playing solo, my whole playlist is driving music, often to keep me awake more than anything! Especially

when the M6 and M25 are involved!

QUESTION: Tell us the story of your most embarrassing moment on stage?

ANSWER: So about five years ago I was playing a show with a covers band in a pub in Bristol. At the front of the

stage were two pillars at the top. The band were playing the solo to “Dani California” by the Chili Peppers so I was

walking around the crowd, and as I made my way back to the stage I put one arm on each pillar. I started swinging

from them and in my adrenaline fuelled head I was gonna land on the drum kit! However in reality I basically got stuck

mid swing and fell face first into the floor, the band kept playing and my Mum screamed with laughter in the front row

for about ten minutes!

QUESTION: What do you feel is the greatest achievement of your musical career to date?

ANSWER: I mean it probably depends on my mood that day, but I think winning “Male Vocalist Of The Year” at this

years UK Country Music Awards has to be up there because it’s receiving real recognition for the work you’re putting

in. However, it’s a close call with “When I See You” going to the number one spot on the iTunes chart. Never did I ever

think I’d be able to say I’d had a number one song in any capacity, so I’m forever grateful for peoples support in

making that happen.

QUESTION: Which song always has the best reaction from a crowd at live gigs?

ANSWER: For me it really depends on the vibe! “Move” always gets people dancing and we have a lot of fun, but I

guess my stand out moment so far in terms of song reaction has to be when we finished “It Don’t Work That Way” at

Buckle and Boots and the roar from the crowd actually brought me to tears. In that moment I went back to being stood

busking on a freezing street in Bristol with 32p in my case thinking how far the whole thing had come!

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