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Rivertown EP Review

The first track of the EP is called 'Old Highway'. My initial thoughts were that it reminded me of

some of the 80’s and 90’s music with subtle hints of traditional country heard in the

instrumentation throughout the song. In particular I was very fond of the electric guitar parts that

lay within the mix of the song very well. This did intrigue me to hear what they were going to do

with the rest of the EP.

The next track, ‘There We Go Again’ starts with some awesome slide guitar, again a very traditional

country sound but more upbeat than the last. The vocals are introduced with a collection of

harmonies which were very pleasing to hear. Again, there were some lovely electric guitar sounds.

For me as a listener, it is important that an artist know when to introduce complex guitar riffs and

solos and when a song is better suited to a simple and eloquent sound. I think they did this very

well here. The song finished with a big second chorus. I would have liked to hear the vocal louder

in the mix at this point to fully gauge the songs meaning.

‘Words Not Said’ is a very intriguing track. It sounds like it has Irish roots and I really like the pre-

chorus into the electric instrumental. It is a very groovy sounding song with lots of inventive


The final song is called ‘Somewhere In The Night’. As soon as the song started I knew it was going

to be my favourite one of the four. I love the minor chords that ring through to make it rather

mysterious. There is an array of instruments that make up a long instrumental towards the end

but pleasant to listen to.

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