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Ashton Lane (The In Between) Album Launch 29/11/18


Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox in Glasgow which is a converted church was the venue for the latest album release

from Glasgow based Ashton Lane. This venue is proving to be a very popular venue for live acts to perform. The

acoustics in the venue are fantastic and the venue can be either seated or standing and is on 2 levels.

The event started with a VIP Meet and Greet with a drinks reception followed by a short performance to the assembled

guests by Esther, Tim and Greame the 3 usual members of Aston Lane.

After a short interlude the support act Stevie O’Connor took to the stage to give us a flavour of his great song-writing

talents and an insight to the stories behind the songs. Some descriptions were likely to have a few eyes watering with

the emotional stories Stevie told. My description of Stevie is that he is a cross between Luke Combs and Chris

Stapleton. Playing acoustic guitar and occasionally with the use of his kick drum he gave us a great 40 minutes

entertainment and he also managed to get a wee bit of audience participation.

Onto the main act of the night, Esther, Tim and Greame were joined onstage by the rest of the band who will be touring

with them for the album tour.

Ashton Lane are renowned for their Kitchen Sessions and Bespoke song writing where they often write new songs

along with members of the public and The In Between Album has many of these songs on it. There were also some of

the co-writers either in the audience or watching in on a Facebook Live Stream. This is their ninth album I think and

they are also well into writing their next album.

Included in the set was their latest single “Marilyn Curls” which is doing very well in the ITunes Country chart. Again

stories behind the songs were told to us by Esther or Tim. The set list included some of their old material as well giving

us a good mix of old and new songs and their on stage presence as always gets the crowd going.

The last song of the session was a song from their early days “One Kiss Later” which had most of us singing along.

The band then left the stage to a rousing applause before returning for an encore along with Stevie O’Connor to give

us a fantastic version of their song “Travelling Mercies” and the inclusion of Stevie’s voice on this was absolutely



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