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Stewart Mac and Curran at The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

All Artist photo's accredited to Jill Gibbons LNPhotography - Little Ninja Photography

We arrived at The Castle & Falcon in good time so bought a drink and had a seat in a rather nice bar. You could tell that it had recently been refurbished. As soon as we were able we made our way over to the ticket desk and then walked through the doors into a really nice back room. Open brick walls, wooden floors, seating and tables down one side. It had a small bar opposite and a stage at the far end. We took a couple of stools from the bar and sat near the merch display.

First act of the night a duo called CURRAN. Consisting of Mark Curran and guitarist Jam. These guys are great and this is the third time we have seen them perform this year. They are rocky but there are enough country elements in their songs to have been invited to 2 country festivals this year. Their set is always high energy and very entertaining with good songs that are very catchy and I guarantee you will be singing 'Better Days' as you are walking out to your car. After they had left the stage they came over for a chat with us. I would like to say thank you to Mark for giving 'Forever British Country' a shout out. Not only once but twice. We love you buddy.

Just a short break before Stewart Mac and his band take to the stage. I have only ever previously seen Stewart Mac as a duo, performing with his great friend and guitarist Dean Roberts, and as a twosome they are fantastic, so I was really looking forward to hearing the full band play.

They certainly didn't disappoint. They played so many of my favourite songs. The chemistry and banter between Stewart and Dean is fantastic as they rib each other constantly throughout the show, which makes it all the more fun to watch their antics.

So we all sang along, and clapped along and some even danced along but at the end of the night Stewart and Dean came across and had a chat with us which is always a pleasure.

I do hope you have fun in Australia when you tour with Buckle and Boots in January. Just a few new songs for you to learn Dean. You'll walk it. See you when you get back and you can tell us all about it for a special feature.

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