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'Add Another Minute' Debut Album by Hengistbury

On the 19th October 2018, new to the scene country duo, Hengistbury from Poole in Dorset, launched their brand new single ‘Shooter on the Mound’ and debut album ‘Add Another Minute’.

The album contains 11 songs and opens with their latest single:-

'Shooter On The Mound'

'Tired Of Playing Fiddle'

'Bet My Green Eyes'

'What Folks Don't Know'

'Anybody's Fool'

'Headed Out'

'Don't Leave'

'Cigarettes & Bernadette'

'My Body Ain't A Temple'

'Run Like A Wild Horse'

'Lie In Wait For Hollywood'

Using banjo, piano and violins this album of ballads has a different feel to a lot of the country pop that is out there at the moment.

For example, 'Cigarettes & Bernadette' incorporates a 1950's sounding dialogue newsreel and is really stripped back in its sound with just a guitar and a violin backing it. I think this is my favourite song on the album.

Both Pete and Jessie take in turns to sing, just coming together with beautiful harmonies periodically which again makes this album have a more individual sound.

A lovely album to while away a Sunday afternoon with.

'Add Another Minute' is available from all platforms or you can head over to Hengistburys website to purchase it.

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