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A Little North Of Nowhere - Steve Young UK

Black & White Photo credit - Ian Morrall

We have seen Steve perform a couple of these songs live over the last few years so it's nice that the album already feels somewhat familiar.

'A Fools Dream' opens this album followed by the very catchy 'Trembling Heart' which is an absolute favourite of mine. It is one of those songs that you only need to hear once or twice and it's in your head.

You can hear the outside influences coming in with 'Whiskey & Wine' which has a gospel sounding choir backing it. I really like the song.

'Hard Times in a Beautiful Place' is about the Isle Of Wight where Steve grew up so you know he is drawing on his own experiences to write these songs.

For some reason the intro to 'My Son' is taking me to China in my head which is great cos China is a little north of nowhere, right?, but by the time we get to the fiddle instrumental if feels a bit more Celtic sounding.

And..........just when you are sad cos this cracking album has come to an end, you have a bonus cd - whoohoo.

The bonus cd includes an introduction and some live recordings which I always love.

'Garden of Love' is a beautiful song and being a massive Pink Floyd fan I love Steve's countrified version of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'. 'Back to Mine' is another very favourite Steve Young song.

Having written this review as I have been listening to the album we get to the part where Steve tells us the stories of what the songs are all about. This makes this album feel very personal and I felt a connection with the songwriter on a very different level especially when he tells the story of the background to 'My Son' I felt the tears prick the back of my eyes.

I think Steve has one of those voices that is instantly recognisable, so even if you don't know the song you do know who's singing it. Its great to have an individual sound.

The artwork and visual appearance of this album is very nice. It's great value for money and a must have addition to your music library.

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