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Darcy Duo At The Gate Inn, Stanton, Burton-on-Trent

We arrived at this nice friendly welcoming village pub at 4:30 in the afternoon. The band had already set up so we had a drink and a chat in the bar before they took to the stage.

Darcy didn't have a set list. They just chose their favourite songs to play. Darcy on his guitar with great vocals as usual accompanied by Ollie on Cajon. The sound in that small room was fantastic. The first set was for 45 minutes and they played all our favourites including 'Big Small World' and 'Nothin' from their EP and some covers we have heard them play before.

During the break Ray Crawford treated us to some stand up comedy. I did feel picked on but it's my fault for sitting at the front I suppose.

The second 45 minute set contained more songs from their EP. 'If I Were You' and 'Hooked' are great songs and they threw in some covers that I haven't heard Darcy do before. I didn't know the songs or who sang them but Darcy did every song justice.

Time for another short break. A drink with the band is what was required.

Time for the last set of the day. A short 30 minute set containing 'Unlove the Girl' and award winning song 'Too Country For You' from their EP, and the very rocky 'Honky Tonk Stomp' which is usually played as a band song because of the drum kit and not as a duo because Ollie uses the cajon for duo sets but it worked really well. I think this must have something to do with the shape of the cajon. It has a bassier sound than most. This was a pub gig so we were treated to a few non country songs too including Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror' which I really liked.

This band never fails to entertain. You always leave a gig wanting more which is as it should be.

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