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Catherine McGrath. Last night of the Talk Of This Town Tour.

Wednesday night saw Catherine McGrath completing her first headline tour at St Luke’s & The Winged Ox in Glasgow. This young Irish lady has really taking the country world by storm with her music and the night was attended by a very mixed aged crowd. The venue is a converted church and the acoustics in the main were fantastic.

Kicking off the night was Catherine’s younger sister Mary who is just a younger version of Catherine both musically and in looks and is a name to look out for. Her self-penned songs were great to listen to and she kept the crowd going along with the covers she did including John Denver’s Country Roads and Tequila by Dan and Shay.

Next on stage were Katee Kross and two of her band the Amberjax, Ross and Tommy. How can I describe her display without using words I’ve said before? Sensational, Fantastic and First Class. Again her set included songs from her forthcoming album “Body and Soul” along with some of her older songs and a couple of covers including “When You Say Nothing At All” and “Brand New Key” although with the latter I half expected Tommy McGuire to burst into the Worzels version “I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester”.

There was a song on the set list “Heart Of Wood” from the new album that to me is simply sensational and I think will be a big song for Katee. After a rousing set she did an encore with a mix of older tunes including Walk The Line and Jackson which had the vast majority of the large audience singing along.

Finally on stage was the headliner Catherine McGrath who looks simply stunning and has a voice to match her looks. Her mostly self-penned songs were mainly from her recently released album “Talk Of This Town” and she held the audience’s attention throughout. The new album is simply outstanding and one track that stands out to me is “Just In Case” and along with the title track “Talk Of This Town” they have me hooked.

Catherine took her sister Mary back on stage for a version of Shania’s “Still The One” and as it was her last gig of the tour in her favourite town they also covered the Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) along with a bit of audience participation.

The 3 young acts were utterly fantastic and if that’s the future of our favourite genre then we are in very safe hands.

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