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Martha L. Healy Press Release

Martha L. Healy returns with her new album ‘Keep The Flame Alight’ on the 5th October 2018.

Martha L. Healy

'Keep The Flame Alight'

1. No Place Like Home

2. Fall In Love Again

3. Keep The Flame Alight

4. Woman With No Shame

5. Unmade Bed

6. Mickey

7. Livin’ Someone Else’s Dream

8. We Will Be Okay

9. Sisters To Strangers

10. Don’t Give Up

‘Keep The Flame Alight’ was written and recorded in Nashville,

but undoubtedly maintains a strong sense of Martha's Celtic heritage. This new album sees Martha further develop her personal songwriting voice whilst remaining true to her musical roots, which included being raised on a diet of The Eagles, The Traveling Wilburys and folk heroes, The Dubliners - staples of the Healy family vinyl collection!

Through a mix of personal insight and story songs, Martha provides a fresh take on some classic themes – the need to leave somewhere to help find your place in the world, the ache of an unfulfilled love, the complexity of family and friendships and the need to live your own dreams. She also explores how being a woman in the 21st century is not without its fair share of pressures and demands.

“I miss the Northern Lights, the birds and their familiar song”

The album opens with ‘No Place Like Home’, an ode to home and Scotland, a reflection on how the place we come from can frustrate, but ultimately inspires us, “I started to write this before I left for a “life sabbatical” in Nashville in 2016. Scotland and me had reached a point in our relationship where I had to leave and escape for a while. I also knew I couldn’t stay in Nashville for ever…As I wrote the next verse, in Nashville, I was still intent on easing the blow of my return to Scotland and I also found myself writing lyrics about the things that I both love and hate about my homeland: the rain; the greyness; the cold wind but I also write about missing the warm fire and the fact that the people are ridiculously honest. The whole song is about feeling weary but also that feeling you get – wherever you’ve been in the world – when you get in your own front door and sit down in front of the fire.”

“Got a chance to reignite, I’m just glad to be alive, I’ll do everything to keep the flame alight”

Album centrepiece ‘Keep The Flame Alight’ talks of the challenges of maintaining both your inner creativity and personal well being, “There are times I feel burnt out of ideas, no songs are happening, I don’t want to gig and I’d prefer to hibernate. Then I thought about this and realised this is just life for so many people. We are all trying to keep our individual flames alight every single day. I’ve always been drawn to water and earth elements but 2016 was the year I say I ignited my inner fire. I had some tough life lessons to learn that year and I had to extinguish some things from my life and hold on to the good people and the good stuff. ”

The majority of ‘Keep The Flame Alight’ was written in Nashville on Martha's 3-month life sabbatical in 2016. Following receipt of Creative Scotland funding, the album was recorded back there in October/November 2017, with David Spicher in the production chair and a host of fantastic Nashville session players, including:

Bass: David Spicher - plays with Carlene Carter, Buddy Spicher's Nashville Swing Band, Jerry Douglas, Crystal Gayle, Eric Heatherly, John England & the Western Swingers, Jim Lauderdale, Kathy Mattea, Nickel Creek, and Pam Tillis

Drums: Dave Racine - plays with Jim Lauderdale, Patty Loveless, Lera Lynn, Justin Townes Earl Keyboards/Piano/Harmonica/Accordion: Rory Hoffman - plays with Kasey Musgraves, Ricky Skaggs, Kathy Mattea Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Bazouki: Bill Cooley - plays with Kathy Mattea, Reba McEntire; toured with Merle Haggard in the 80s/90s. Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Mandolin: Todd Lombardo - Kasey Musgraves (Golden Hour)/Lady Antebellum/Lera Lynn/Jerry Douglas Fiddle: Eamon McLoughlin - house player at Grand Ole Opry, currently playing with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell Dobro: Chas Williams - Nanci Griffith Background Vocals: Wendy Newcomer - 50 Shades of Hay

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