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Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh

Demi Marriner and Robbie Cavanagh @The Glad Café.

Sunday night saw the return to Glasgow of Demi and Robbie after a successful slot at Country on the Clyde in March.

The gig was the 1st for Pico Music and was staged at The Glad Café in the Pollockshaws area of Glasgow.

The venue is a café bar serving street food and craft beers with the gig taking place at the rear of the venue in a

separate room and is a cracking small venue. We were seated for the night and it was a lovely wee gig.

Robbie and Demi started off on stage together doing some new material they have co-written and along with a few

stories of their travels up the road kept the crowd entertained. The sound was great and was well handled by the

sound engineer at the rear of the room.

Having done a few songs together it was then down to Robbie to sing us a few of his own songs as Demi left the

stage. This highlighted his own song writing ability as we were treated to some great self penned tracks from Robbie

before Demi returned to the stage.

Robbie then made use of the in-house piano to support Demi on one of her tracks. Demi also did a solo stint

showcasing her own material and again this showed the quality of her own song writing.

I feel that because they are now working and writing together this has allowed them to find a superb way of being able

to complement each other when doing some of their older tracks.

Anyone that follows me on social media will have noticed that since first hearing one of their duets in March I have

tried my best to promote the song and highlight this talented duo and I was delighted to hear that the track is going to

be the title track of their upcoming EP. The track I refer to is “This House” and to me it was one of the highlights of the

evening when they finished off the gig with this.

Demi and Robbie hope to return to Glasgow at the end of the year working with Pico Music again so it would be great

to see folk come along to support both the promoter and the artists.

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